Janet Napolitano, appointed by the Obambastic as the United States Secretary of Homeland Security, is a member of the Democrat party, that group who gave us Political Correctness so many years ago.

Those who adhere to the PC doctrine are deathly afraid of hurting the feelings of any group of people you care to name. This includes Muslims who stand together in silence while their brothers wage their Holy War against Western civilization, especially the United States, Great Britain and a handful of other European nations.

Because of liberal-born PC, leadership from the Democrat Party has reached a state where they prefer to engage in ruthlessness against our own citizens before they even begin to think about applying that ruthlessness against our enemies.

As a matter of fact, once they capture an enemy, they let them go to be “repatriated” only to have them rejoin the militant army from which they came so that they may again have an opportunity to kill us.

So, the next time you go through TSA’s screening process, as I have, remember this; none of the human-based incidents, such as the so-called Christmas underwear bomber, originated in the United States. Furthermore, Al Quaeda has modified their tactics, relying more upon inserting bomb material into cargo flights originating outside of the United States.

At the end of the day, the bombing attempts come very close to succeeding while the TSA fondles U.S. citizens.

How did we get to this?

Political Correctness is offshoot of the civil rights movement of the ’60s, the spirit of which has been perverted by Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton, and others of their ilk who make their living by shaking down corporate America by claiming perceived violations of an individual’s civil rights.

Take for example, corporate human resource departments who filter less qualified candidates from its selection process. Reacting to the accusations of discrimination based upon race and fearing litigation brought against them by the ACLU or Jessie Jackson, et. al, in a knee-jerk fashion, the HR departments change policy and lower the standards of their selection process to give the appearance of being fair.

After decades of the forced adoption of mediocrity in corporate America, the situation has been recognized by our education system, which now churns out more graduates who are less prepared than the generations of graduates before them.

As a result, fear of lawsuit driven by a perception of trampling upon an individual’s civil rights because of ethnicity, color, or nationality now defines policy.

The irony is that fear is now ingrained into our psyche to the point where it has left us paralyzed and no longer able to properly defend our transportation systems, our society and even those sick values about which I speak.

Maybe there’s some good to this after all.