U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder released the following statement relating to President Obama’s historic speech in Cairo, Egypt:

“The President’s pledge for a new beginning between the United States and the Muslim community takes root here in the Justice Department where we are committed to using criminal and civil rights laws to protect Muslim Americans. A top priority of this Justice Department is a return to robust civil rights enforcement and outreach in defending religious freedoms and other fundamental rights of all of our fellow citizens in the workplace, in the housing market, in our schools and in the voting booth.

“There are those who will continue to want to divide by fear – to pit our national security against our civil liberties – but that is a false choice. We have a solemn responsibility to protect our people while we also protect our principles.”

On November 18, 2009, Attorney General Eric Holder, in testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday, defended his decision to bring five 9-11 conspirators – including the alleged mastermind — to New York to stand trial in federal civilian court.

During his testimony, Eric Holder reminded us we are at war when he said,

“I know that we are at war with a vicious enemy who targets our soldiers on the battlefield in Afghanistan and our civilians on the streets here at home. I have personally witnessed that somber fact in the faces of the families who have lost loved ones abroad, and I have seen it in the daily intelligence stream I review each day. Those who suggest otherwise are simply wrong.”

Eric Holder is confused.
It is obvious this man is incompetent for the job of Attorney General and is over his head on this issue. As it has been pointed out, he is setting “bad history”. The implication is that when we catch bin Laden, we’re going to have to also read him his Miranda Rights.

I accuse the Obama Administration of stating “we are at war” versus “it’s a law enforcement problem” as it suits them.

In this case, Eric Holder is bringing this case to Federal court to the benefit of Covington & Burling. Remember, Eric Holder was a senior partner with Covington & Burling, a prestigious Washington, D.C. law firm, which represents 17 Yemenis currently held at Gitmo. During 2007 alone, Covington contributed more than 3,000 hours of free, top-flight legal assistance to our enemy detainees.

In March 2007, after four years in captivity, including six months of detention at Guantanamo Bay, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed — as it was claimed by a Combatant Status Review Tribunal Hearing in Guantanamo Bay — confessed to masterminding the September 11, 2001, attacks, the Richard Reid shoe bombing attempt to blow up an airliner over the Atlantic Ocean, the Bali nightclub bombing in Indonesia, the 1993 World Trade Center bombing and various foiled attacks.

In spite of this, Attorney General Eric Holder wants to try KSM in federal court.

The Patriot Act is rendered toothless thanks to him.

In my mind, Eric Holder is following Barack Obama’s vision, an enemy of the state and a friend of radical Islam.