When Bush-era Republicans try to cut the Medicare/Medicaid budget, the Democrats howl.

Nancy Pelosi railed against town hall protesters by calling their efforts “astroturf” to insinuate that they were illegitimate. In this clip, we see her back home in San Francisco, conducting her own town hall and embracing the right for people to disrupt and indicating it is a just thing to do.

In August 2009, Nancy Pelosi called town hall protests “un-American” and “an ugly campaign… to disrupt public meetings”.

Here, Nancy Pelosi complains about what she sees as Republican free market philosophies and classifies them as “an anything goes mentality” with “no regulation, no supervision, no discipline”.

Four years earlier, Republicans and financial leaders alike almost begged the Left Wing Nuts to apply more regulation an oversight for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.