I was not a fan of V when it was aired as a TV series back in the day, whenever that was… the ’80s? Regardless, I wanted to start this version of V from the beginning just in case there was something to it which would capture my interest.

The premier episode covered the unexpected arrival of the Visitors and showed how it captured the imagination of some “earthlings” who see them as something new and exciting with no regard to the unlimited potential for a completely unknown future. For the others, the arrival does not bode well at all.

For the sake of discussion, we’ll call the segment of the earth’s population who welcomed their arrival as “the devoted” while those who took a more cautious view as “the opposition”.

Already, you may be smelling a few parallels.

This episode reveals a social underground group the FBI suspects as being a radical anti-government group bent on destruction and mayhem. In fact, the group has realized long ago the true intent of the V. Aware the V have been living and working among them for a long time and only now revealing themselves, the group members have been engaged in fighting against them.

While this drama and intrigue develops we see among the population an almost cell-like division – a polarization – with one group completely devoted to the V, drunk on hope and change and who work to support them with no clue about their true intent. The other side opposes their presence, wise to their plans and fight against them and become part of a new underground.

It’s now a battle to be won by the side who can convince more people than the other side that their beliefs are the correct set of values. Each will try to convince the other of the error of their ways.

This story sounds very, very familiar.

I find it curious the premier date of V marks the one year anniversary of Obama’s election.