Recently, I was reading a comment posted by a blogger who was lamenting about the rising costs of our government-run social programs. The owner of the comment said,

“the cash for clunkers cost $3B after we were told $1B. This year’s deficit was under-estimated by how much? … tell me why anyone would believe the government can manage health care and especially do so efficiently?

Are Americans really certifiably stupid?”

Not able to help myself, I responded by saying,

If you are to believe the theories about the dumbing down of Americans through our failed (government managed) education system, then the answer is “Yes!”

I went on to say anyone who believes our government should be in the business of being in business effectively waives their right to complain about resulting waste of our tax dollars used to run that business.

As a sidebar topic, Article I., Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution is explicit about what it should be involved in and national health care is nowhere in the list. Neither is Social Security for that matter.

The other day, a Republican congressman pointed to the fact that Congress is controlled by the Dems and that the Republicans couldn’t muster the votes required to stop a 1 car parade. He went on to say that in spite of that glaring fact, Nancy Pelosi’s health care initiative can’t get the votes needed to pass because the ultra-wacky Democrats can’t get the “normal” Democrats to agree to it. In the end, he simply labeled the bill as “wacky”.

Back to the question, a recent Pew political IQ poll indicates Republicans to be consistently more knowledgeable about our government than Democrats.

This video certainly supports the results of that poll.

Whoa… did I just suggest that when it comes to issues critical to the health of this country, the left is basically ignorant and should waive their rights to vote unless they take their responsibilities seriously?

If that offends anyone, maybe it should.