Beck Now Attacking Individual Board Members of ACORN

The lines above were used as the title for a uTube posting about one of Glenn Beck’s reports about ACORN.

Whenever someone posts solid, fact-based reporting such as Beck’s and attacks the reporter by labeling them as “High Priests of Hate” it only serves to illustrate how shallow, unthinking and intellectually lazy they are and boils down to school yard name calling. In effect, it shows they have nothing to offer for debate.

While they feel like they have reason for baseless name calling it shows they fail to grasp the big picture, unable to think deeper.

For those who don’t have the intellect to “get it” let me explain, otherwise you can stop here.

Glenn Beck reports on the facts about certain community and labor based organizations and its leadership as it relates to the President. His report serves all of us in by helping us understand how these organizations may have influenced the outcome of the last election through years perhaps decades of preparation through community organization campaigns which serve to shape the thinking required to support a presidential candidate who shares or advances the same thinking fomented by these organizations.

Looking at the bigger picture here, a few questions arise. One might be, “Why is Glenn Beck the only one who appears to be reporting this?”

Here’s a few more… “Can any reporter report on facts without name calling? What are you so afraid of…. truth?”

“Why aren’t the other media outlets like CNN, ABC, MSNBC, NYTimes, Boston Globe, et. al also reporting on this?”

That last question might be the biggest part of Glenn Becks story. It should be a question you might want to be asking.

Be glad we have fact-based reporting such as Glenn Beck’s. At the end of the day, you can use your brain and decide whether it is relevant to your world or not. To resort to baseless name calling only sends the message that you are incapable of debating upon the substance of the report and then take the low road by slamming the messenger. It really makes you look stupid.

One last and perhaps the biggest question of all. “Has the election process been taken away from individual voters by ultra-rich financiers who are able to create a multi-tiered organization designed to shape and influence attitudes necessary to elect a socialist-minded president so that the country moves away from the fundamental principles upon which she was founded?”

If you weren’t able to form that question on your own you can always change the channel and feed off the pablum CNN, ABC, MSNBC, NYTimes, Boston Globe, et. al offer.