In the days leading to the election, there was a plethora of blog posts tagged for politics that heaped praise upon praise for Obama while railing against conservatives and Republicans as the bigoted enemy who were sounding alarms about his socialist thinking.

Where are they now? Why are they so silent and devoid of praise which was laid upon Obama so thickly?

Are they silent because they feel that they have been duped into thinking he was going to lead us to some kind of political paridise? Are they silent because there’s nothing Obama has done which they can be proud of?

To be sure there is very little Obama has done which can be bragged upon, held to lofty heights to be used as an example with the accompanying proclamation of “See? This is what a president should be! This is what America should be!”

No thinking person in their right mind could defend his spending America into oblivion or bailing out GM to save the UAW who now own over 40% of GM with the Fed owning a similar share.

Who could look at his handling of the failed GSEs and say it has been handled expertly?

Then there is his cabinet, deftly staffed with tax evaders and others who come from the corrupt political den in Chicago, home of Obama’s claim to fame; civic organizer extraordinaire. Awesome.

Meanwhile Rome burns and the press continues to bash away on Bush. It amuses me for the time being. But next time, would you bleeding-heart libs please vote using logic and not emotion? Sure, 8 years of Bush was hard to take for you libs, but crap, you didn’t have to repeat Nixon-Ford-Carter history by again rushing to vote for an unknown who is turning out to be the socialist we warned about, did ya?