President elect Barack Obama’s first second third next scandal revolves around Illinois politics and the communications between Obama’s chief of staff Rahm Emanuel and the Blagojevich administration captured on court-approved wiretaps.

While this story is still developing there are some left-wingnuts that are already calling this an old story, ready for a new non-Obama scandal,  tired of the allegations and who just want to gloss over it an move on.
The idea being advanced is that Obama is somehow immune to bad judgment; his or from those he chose for his cabinet.  The other idea advanced is that somehow the press is now pro-Republican.  These are the same nuts who are erroneously calling president-elect Obama “President Obama” apparently not aware he has yet to be sworn into the office he has yet to occupy.

The bottom line is that the story has legs, Obama is not immune to scandal, Obama has yet to be implicated, the Republicans have nothing to do with it and the press is doing their job.  Well, sort of.   If they were, Blogo-Gate would have been uncovered long, long ago.  But then, what else can we expect from a media biased to the left?

Editorial rants from the left seem to want to blame Republicans for this with the idea Republicans want to taint Barack as just another jaded politician with graft-laced blood running through his veins. It’s laughable and paints them as being a bit intellectually lazy.

The truth is that if this scandal were to be centered around Republicans instead the left-wing out-cry would be deafening.

The story deserves to be treated with all the seriousness it rightly deserves from both sides because it cheapens and debases the political process. Any hint of graft should be vigorously investigated until a conclusion can be reached. Whether the politician is red or blue, Democrat or Republican, we do not need crooks in our public offices and they need to be removed if found to be guilty.