As I was driving into work I was directing blame to the Republican Party. In so doing, I was trying to formulate what I would say/suggest/demand of the Republican Party leadership in the face of the McCain disaster.

So what’s wrong? It begins with the inherent flaws in the electorial process. I would like to know why the East coast decides the candidates for Texas and the rest of the country. I certainly got no chance to choose my candidate (no, McCain was not my choice). There is a disconnect between the party’s philosophy and people who identify themselves as conservative which pulls them to the Republican Party.

After reading this, I still believe there is a gulf between what I see as problems in the Republican Party and what is identified by Rep. Flake.

In the meantime, the sun came up in the same place as it did yesterday, my coffee tastes the same, my car radio stations are still where I set them. I haven’t sprouted a third arm from out of my chest.

The world has not come to an end.